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Mammoth Cave Wild Cave Tour

I spent Wednesday afternoon & night with my friends at WKYU-PBS shooting a segment for their weekly TV show Main Street on the Wild Cave Tour at Mammoth Cave. We spent nearly 9 hours underground highlighting some of the best features of the tour and getting really, really dirty. I split my time crawling around as a “tour member” and shooting some production photos. And after 2 days, I’m still cleaning dirt out of my 5D. Be on the lookout for many more collaborations between me & WKYU. We have a great working relationship and the creative possibilites are endless!



Mammoth Cave Training

Last week I had the opportunity to tag along with a winter term biology class as they undertook a course on wildland fire management from the park rangers at Mammoth Cave National Park. They were a great group of students and really got into the class. The day we were there, it was fire line digging day… talk about back-breaking work!

Kudos to you guys!