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WKU Vineyard

WKU has started a new viniculture program out at the WKU Agricultural Farm. This grape season was to be the first year in which their vines would produce a useable crop. However due to hail damage from recent storms that harvest may be significantly smaller than anticipated. Vist the WKU News Blog for more and stay tuned for a View From the Hill.



Earth Day on the Hill

There were tons of activities on campus this week for Earth Day today… here is a sampling!


Mammoth Cave Wild Cave Tour

I spent Wednesday afternoon & night with my friends at WKYU-PBS shooting a segment for their weekly TV show Main Street on the Wild Cave Tour at Mammoth Cave. We spent nearly 9 hours underground highlighting some of the best features of the tour and getting really, really dirty. I split my time crawling around as a “tour member” and shooting some production photos. And after 2 days, I’m still cleaning dirt out of my 5D. Be on the lookout for many more collaborations between me & WKYU. We have a great working relationship and the creative possibilites are endless!


Ft. Campbell visit

A few weeks ago WKU President Gary Ransdell and Psychology faculty member Betsy Schoenfelt visited the Hilltopper ROTC group as they were training with other cadets from Murray State & Austin Peay universities at Ft. Campbell. We got to see first-hand the training regiment that the students contend with. Needless to say, it was impressive.


McChesney Field Campus Tour

Dr. Steve Spencer’s Recreation Resource Management class showed off their semester of work at WKU’s new McChesney Field Campus yesterday. The farm was donated to the university last year and several classes have researched, improved and documented the homestead. Spencer’s class focused on cutting trails, signage and making the field campus accessible and ready for future use.

We walked several miles on the new trails and observed several historical markers and ongoing projects. The field campus is a great benefit for WKU!


PCAL Fall Festival

The Potter College of Arts & Letters hosted a Fall Festival last week outside of FAC. There was a pumpkin carving contest (with power tools, no less) food, face painting, music and a dance contest. Autumn is the best season!


WKU-Indiana GigaPan

Football Panoramic

In addition to the timelapse and remote camera setup, we also carted the GigaPan down to the stadium for Saturday’s game. Bryan got the system set up & shot during the first quarter when the stadium was at it’s fullest. Zoom in and take a look… I found myself, maybe you’re in there as well! Take a snapshot and share with your friends!

WKU-Indiana GigaPan


WKU-Indiana Timelapse

WKU-Indiana Sunset

This is the best one yet! We set up this sequence early and let it run from 1pm to around 7:45 capturing the entire day of activity in Houchens-Smith Stadium. We were glad to see a full crowd and the weather was perfect! Enjoy!

WKU-Indiana Timelapse on Vimeo


New Timelapse

Checking my setup on the Grise Hall rooftop. Photo by Matt Powell.

Experimenting with new techniques is always fun and a good exercise for keeping things looking new. Wednesday I set up a remote camera to take a photo every 15 seconds for almost 8 hours, and here is the result compressed down to 2 minutes! Enjoy!

Grise Hall Timelapse


McConnell visit

The Gatton Academy was treated to a visit and Q&A with US Senator Mitch McConnell this week. Topics ranged from education to the economy to health care during the hour-long talk.