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Summer is a great time to experiment with new techniques and I have been inspired by some of the rock climbing movies that I have watched lately. Sweeping scenes of the sun rising (or setting) on a mountain side intrigued me enough to look in to how its done. So yesterday morning, I set up my camera to look out my window from the 3rd floor of Wetherby and shoot a picture every 5 seconds. I then loaded all 1914 photos into Quicktime & Final Cut Pro. The result… not too bad for a first try. And I have many locations on campus in mind!

FAC Timelapse from Clinton Lewis on Vimeo.


Alumni College

Welcome to the Summer readers. Summer hours have officially begun and the summer camps have already kicked off. I will be covering most of the camps on campus this Summer so stay tuned for lots of pictures from around campus. I will also post  a link each post to the written story that will be published on the WKU News Blog. This past Friday I had the chance to meet some WKU graduates from years past as they came back for the weekend to participate in the Alumni College. The program allows former WKU grads to come back and stay in their old dorms and take a few classes and learn a little bit about what has changed since their time on the hill. I hope you all enjoy the images. Click here for the story.