Playing in the Rain

To bring the crazy week we had at the office here to a conclusion I was shooting an event when Warren County was placed under a tornado warning. I don’t know how familiar you all are with the Bowling Green area but I was out a Basil Griffin Park off of Three Springs Rd. Down by I-65 shooting the Southern Kentucky Community Band at an outdoor amphitheater. Ya that right. Outside, during a tornado warning. So of course me being the weird photographer I am got really excited because the sky was (how do i put this) overpowering in color, shape, and movement. While everyone began piling in to their cars I just had to take a few frames before the heavens opened up as they say. Thankfully the event was stopped in time for all to get out of the park before the brunt of the storm hit. As far as we know the tornado was spotted East of town and hopefully there was little to no damage to the area if it did touch down. The following images are from the wonderful weather we have here in Bowling Green and a Clarinet Master Class camp that Dr. Cipolla taught all week, and to culminate their week they were able to play with the Community Band on Thursday Night. Enjoy.



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