ASSET Conference

First off let me introduce myself. My name is Bryan Lemon and I am working with Clinton this summer as the Assistant University Photographer here at Western. So on Monday I got to go shoot my first assignment out at the Western Agriculture Farm here in town. The Ag Dept was hosting a conference for high school aged kids between their Junior and Senior years. Oddly enough these kids are the same age as my brother so that was weird, but I had a great time out there. Everyone was extremely welcoming and I got really great access. The ASSET Conference (Agriculture Students Striving for an Effective Tomorrow) was a great team building conference that lasts for 5 days here at Western and from what I can tell it is a great opportunity for Students and the Councilors hat help out.


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  1. Ruth Lemon on

    Glad to see some of your work Bryan. I especially like the one where the girl is climbing the rope ladder up to the platform. I like the lines that draw your eyes upward to those waiting to walk the cables. Liked the last one where the girl is walking the cable and almost to the platform. Shows her concentration and her muscles as she works her way across.

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